Paiste’s New Hand Cymbals

Paiste Is With The Band

By Andrew Lentz Published August 7, 2009

With Paiste's addition of the Concert/Marching hand cymbals to its Alpha line and the 5 Band and 3 Band hand cymbals to the PST line, it's a regular bronze-on-bronze bash for your high school or college marching band.

With a bouquet described as shimmering and warm, the Alpha Concert/Marching cymbals are at home in everything from indoor ensembles and concerts to outdoor marching and drum corps. Each pair of Alpha Concert/Marching cymbals consists of A and B versions, a deliberate structural off-setting that achieves amazing sonic results when the two halves collide. Sizes available are 16”, 18”, and 20”.

The PST 5 Band possesses both a bright pitch and instantaneous response for a clean mix of warmth and sparkle. The PST 3 has a medium sustain with a well-balanced mix of overtones. Both work great in contemporary concert, band, and marching environments. PST 5 Band is offered in 14”, 16” and 18”, while PST 3 is offered in 14” and 16”.

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