Parker Hall’s Craviotto Kit In Cleveland Blue

Parker Hall’s Maple Cleveland Blue Sparkle Lacquer Craviotto

Front view of Hall’s set

Hall’s grooving grounds

The Craviotto exhibit at the 2010 NAMM show

A student of jazz at the Oberlin Conservatory, Parker Hall plays with a vintage flare. His maple Craviotto bop outift is the 140th ever produced, made of one-ply shells, steam bent and signed by the drum maker himself. It was even on exhibit at NAMM this year, an honor for any drummer.

"I hope you enjoy my kit," he said. "Though, being honest, I enjoy it enough for everyone."

Words of a true jazz cat.

5.5" x 14"
8" x 12"
14" x 14"
14" x 18"

14" Sabian Jack Dejohnette hi-hats
20" Bosphorous Masters Turk crash cymbal
22" Istanbul 30th Anniversary ride cymbal

Pearl cymbal stands
Canopus hi-hat, snare and extra cymbal stand
Yamaha bass drum pedal & throne

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