PDP Blackout Snares: Style Meets Value

PDP Blackout Snares: Easy On The Eyes And Wallet

You can’t beat basic black — er, on second thought, perhaps you should seriously consider beating on basic black, at least when it comes to the aptly named Blackout snare drum series from PDP. Drum Workshop’s little bro subsidiary has assembled a super slick black-on-black snare drum that will easily squeeze into any setup, designed around an all-maple shell finished in a high-gloss lacquer and fitted with a side-to-side throw-off, those distinctive PDP oval lugs, and good ol’ Remo heads. Now here comes the remarkable part — sitting down? — Blackout snares retail for $218.99 for a 10" x 6", and $272.99 for 13" x 4", 14" x 5", or 14" x 6" model. And can you dig that glitzy badge? Talk about ’tude, dude.

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