PDP & Sabian Offer A Big Box O’ Drums

PDP & Sabian Team Up To Offer A Big Box O’ Drums

By Andy Doerschuk Published June 23, 2010

Talk about one-stop shopping! Pacific Drums And Percussion has made it easy as pie for entry-level drummers to slide into their first kit with the Mainstage Series. The 5-piece “kit in a box” includes 10" x 8", 12" x 9", and 16" x 14" toms, a 22" x 126" kick, and matching 14" x 5" snare, along with a CB700 cymbal boom stand, CS700 straight cymbal stand, SS700 snare stand, HH700 hi-hat stand, and drum throne, and Sabian SBR crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals. Available in a choice of Bronze Metallic and Black Metallic wrap finishes, the Mainstage retails for $1,166.99. The only thing missing is … you!

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