PDP X7 Maple Kit: Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven

By Andrew Lentz Published September 16, 2009

A seven-piece kit at an entry level price is unheard of but the new Pacific X7 maple kit from DW gives new meaning to the word value.

The astounding tone, projection, and clarity of the 100-percent maple shells would be enough by themselves, but the X7 includes other notable features such as STM mounts, True-Pitch tuning system, and Remo heads.

Another thing about the great-looking shells are their F.A.S.T. sizes of 22" x 18 bass, 8" x 7", 10" x 8", 12" x 9" toms, and 14" x 12" and 16" x 14" floors, and a 14" x 5" snare.

Available in eight eye-popping sparkle lacquer finishes and four wraps. Lists for $1,499.

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