Massive Pearl SRX Monster Kit

Pearl Session Custom SRX Owned By Steve Hogue

Steven Hogue of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, not only has an awesome set of Pearl drums, but he also has a good story to go with him. Here's how he acquired this set over 25 years.

After 25 years of playing the same 1979 Natural Maple Finish Ludwig kit (a 5-piece with some extras that I added over the years), on which I recorded three CDs (one progressive rock, one progressive metal opera, and one straight ahead blues-based rock) between 2002 and 2005, I decided to step up to my dream configuration, which is what you will see in the pictures below.

It was difficult to part with that old Ludwig kit this past winter, because my mother and grandparents bought it for me brand new from a local music shop when I was just a young boy. But I had been out of work for a while and needed the money. I am happy to say that I did get more than all of our money's worth out of that kit, so that realization made it a little easier to let it go.

Now that I am back to work, I am looking for another kit that I can take out to recording sessions and performances, perhaps something a little smaller than my “Drum Set Of The Week” entry. I simply miss not having one kit set up at home and one packed up and ready to go at all times.

So I guess that the next thing for me to do is give the rundown of my home-based kit, followed by some pictures. But before I do, I must apologize for the quality of the pictures. The dark walls in my drum room, in conjunction with all the stands and cymbals, cause some unwanted lighting effects. It's either that, or I am just a lousy photographer, which I can accept. Anyway, drums are my passion!

Steven M. Hogue

And this is Steven’s intense drum setup


Pearl Session Custom (SRX); All Maple Shells; Carbon Mist Finish
22" x 18" Kick, 10" x 8", 12" x 9", 14" x 11" (on my left), 14" x 12" and 16" x 14" Toms with Pearl OptiMounts (two toms had to be custom ordered from Pearl because they changed the lug design with the introduction of the SMX and SBX series), and a 13" x 3" Pearl Steel Shell Piccolo Snare (black)


21" Sabian AA Dry Ride, 14" Sabian AAX Dark Crash, 15" Sabian AAX Dark Crash, 17" Sabian AA Medium Crash, 18" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash, 6" Sabian AA Splash, two 8" Sabian AA Splashes, 12" Sabian AA Splash, 14" Zildjian A Rock Hi-Hats, 18" Zildjian Z Custom China, 18" Zildjian A China Low, 10" Zildjian A Splash, 14" Paiste Sound Formula Heavy Hi-Hats


Two LP Ridge Rider Rock Cowbells, 6" and 8" LP Mini Timbales, 6" and 4.5" Toca Cowbells, Pearl Low Clave Block


Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Bass Pedal, Pearl H820W Hi-Hat Stand, Pearl Snare Drum Stand (similar to the current S2000, but without the individually adjustable basket arms and reversible rubber/spike tips), Pearl ICON Rack System (straight bars) with 18 PC-50 Clamps and 2 PCL-100 Pipe Leg Clamps, 12 Gibraltar Boom Arms, Gibraltar X-Hat, five Pearl TH2000S Gyro-Lock System Tom Holders, Pearl AX-20 Clamp (used with a Uni-Lock Tom Holder and a PC-50 Clamp to stabilize the Hi-Hat Stand via the ICON Rack), two Gibraltar Clamps with L-Rods, LP Cowbell Holder, A second Pearl Uni-Lock Tom Holder for mounting my Pearl Mountable Trap Table


An Alesis SR-16 used as a metronome and for programming percussion patterns,an M-Audio Sustain Pedal, used to start and stop the Alesis Drum Machine


Pearl ProTone batter heads on all toms with a clear Pearl head of sorts on the bottoms, Remo Suede Emperor batter head on the snare drum, and an Ambassador snare-side head, Pearl ProTone kick drum batter head, and a black Pearl logo head (made by Remo) on the front, and Remo Coated Ambassadors on the Mini Timbales

Sticks and Brushes:

Pro-Mark wood-tip New Generation 808 (wood tip, Japan Oak), Zildjian wood-tip Super Stroke (wood tip, Hickory), Vic Firth Rute 505, Pro-Mark stick bag

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