Pearl’s M-1440 Is A Contender

Pearl's Maple Snare Of The Month

By Radim McCue Published September 11, 2009

Pearl's feature snare drum of the month is the M-1440 - 14x4 6-ply Maple in #339 Exotic Burl Natural finish. Cute eh? Definitely a contender to consider with any kit.

The M-1440 snare drum features a 14"x 4" 100% maple shell for rich tone and extreme loudness and can be used for secondary effects as well as a main snare drum. The 6-ply 7.5mm shell offers outstanding durability and the dependable Masters lugs and 1.6mm SuperHoop II steel rims permit high-tension capability and extended service.

The M-1440 snare features precision-fit Stainless Steel tension rods and solid brass receivers for incredibly smooth and precise tuning.


  • Shell 6-ply Maple
  • Hoops 1.6mm
  • Strainer SR-018
  • Lugs CL-05
  • Finish #339 Exotic Burl Natural

For more info check out Pearl's website.

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