Phat Bass Drum Sound with KickPort

No End To The Low End

By Andrew Lentz Published July 31, 2009

Sometimes the bass drum lacks oomph. Maybe it's because your guitarist plays too loud, or perhaps your kit isn't miked up. Whatever the reason, the KickPort from Future Percussion Concepts is an easy, inexpensive way to fatten up the low end.

The KickPort dampens the resonant head in one shot, allowing players to remove internal muffling materials in order to reclaim the natural resonance and tone of your drum. Simply stick the reinforcement ring off-center of your resonant-side bass drum head and cut a 5½” hole into the head. This makes it easy to install and remove the KickPort.

By focusing the air as it exits the bass drum, the KickPort enhances your bass drum projection to maximum effect. The improved response leads to less wasteful exertion and better overall feel in your playing. $43.95.

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