Toca Players Series Cajon: Bang For Your Buck

Box Shot

Don’t you hate how entry-level is just a euphemism for bottom of the line? Well, the new Players Series Cajon from Toca targets students and beginners without cutting corners on quality.

The 11-1⁄2" wide by 17-1⁄2" tall by 11-1⁄2" deep hardwood shell is finished in an attractive natural gloss, and it comes fitted with rubber feet to protect floor surfaces. The front striking plate is attached with adjustable screws, allowing for a combination of deep bass tones and crisp slaps.

A set of internal snare wires adds definition to the beat, helping to provide a highly satisfying overall cajon sound that's sure to motivate any aspiring player. Easy to to play, lots of fun, and at $159, a total bargain.

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