Playing The Angles With Prentice Practice Pads

A Little Tilt Will Do Ya

By Andrew Lentz Published November 3, 2009

When Georgia Prentice started playing drums, she knew practice was the only way to become a better player. There were dozens of pads she tried but there was a missing ingredient that was needed to make those practice sessions more advantageous.

Prentice began sharing her own ideas for a pad with ex-Faces and Elton John drum tech Colin Hilborne and — voilà — Prentice Practice Pads was born.

Unlike the majority of practice pads, The Prentice is able to be played at three separate angles for to more effectively simulate the actual angle of the snare in your kit. It is also particularly useful for marching band, where constant motion and constantly changing drum angles are the norm.

The conveniently sized pad is housed in a durable lightweight housing and can be played anywhere. Available in six stylish colors.

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