Po’ Boy Drums Keeps it Real

Po’ Boy Drums Keeps It Real

By Phil Hood Published September 21, 2009

Like many custom builders, Tony Chadwick decided to build his own set after growing dissatisfied with the available commercial options. “Through research, some connections I had with my wine business and a little luck, I found a way to design my own,” Chadwick says. “I got what I wanted without paying the high prices of a custom drum house.”

His goal at Po’ Boy is to “keep it real” and create drums that players can afford. Po’ Boy’s kits range from the entry-level Jimmie C series to the made-in-America A.M.Y. Custom series.

The Jimme C Series is a 5-piece rock drum set with shells that blend birch, maple, and koko plies. They’re designed to produce a balanced sound, with plenty of low end. They feature low-mass teardrop-style lugs and gloss finishes. “It’s basic but it rocks,” says Tony of the design. The A.M.Y. drums are offered in four different configurations, with each set signed and dated with the Po’ Boy seal of approval.

Contact Po’ Boy Drums, 720-933-6556, poboydrums.com

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