Poh Teng Soon’s Ebay Catalinas

Catalina On A Budget By Poh Soon Teng

By Kerim Mac Published February 11,2010

Poh Soon Teng says he's a student on a budget. Nonetheless, he's put together a great kit with a thoughtful cymbal selection. Check it out.

Here's what Poh says: "Thought i'd submit my drums in for drumset of the week. Esniped the drums off ebay and slapped on my heads of choice on there. Then went on to replacing the snare with one i built myself using a keller shell and traditional brass tube lugs and hardware. Went through years of searching for my cymbal setup and have finally settled on this one... For now...

"It's the workhorse of a music student on a budget. Pics and specs show my usual setup for most of my jazz gigs. I use different cymbals for other gigs like musicals and such."


  • Gretsch Catalina Club first gen. 9-ply Mahogany. Silver Sparkle kit
  • 18X16 Fiberskyn PS3 Batter, Fiberskyn FA3 Resonant
  • 14X14 Fiberskyn FA3 Batter, Evans G1 Resonant
  • 12X8 Fiberskyn FA3 Batter, Evans G1 Resonant
  • Custom built Keller Shell Snare 10ply Maple. Red Oak Dye with Polyutherane Gloss with brass hardware.
  • 14X5 with Remo Skyntone batter, Remo Hazy Ambassador resonant


  • 14" Meinl Custom Shop top/Zildjian Quickbeat bottom
  • 19" Paiste Prototype with 2 rivets Mel Lewis style
  • 21" Masterwork Jazzmaster
  • 20" Sabian John Blackwell Jia China
Most of the cymbals have also undergone the lemon and salt patina method...


  • PDP rack cut down to size with Tama Road pro booms
  • Gibraltar Intruder Direct Drive Pedal
  • Gibraltar Direct drive Hi Hat
  • Gibraltar Throne with backrest

Thanks, that's a great set. If any of you would like to see your set become Drum Kit Of The Week send us a description and photos. We'll make your drums famous and send you a DRUM! t-shirt.

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