PoleCat: An Alternative To Tripods & Racks

PoleCat: An Alternative To Tripods & Racks

PoleCat Percussion

Tired of tripods? Weary of racks? Polecat Percussion has developed a new way to assure a consistent, quick, and sturdy set up every time with its new PoleCat percussion system.

The foundation of the system is the PoleCat’s strong polyurethane base, which the user must attach to a piece of plywood. This base is fitted with flexible insert sleeves that the user positions to precisely replicate his or her stage plot. Wing bolts secure 1", 1.25", and 1.5" hardware base tubes that slip into the sleeves.

So where does one acquire drum set hardware that doesn’t include tripod bases? All you have to do is remove the tripod bases from your existing snare, cymbal, and auxilliary percussion stands by removing the setscrew at the base of each stand.

Once assembled, the PoleCat eliminates the typical maze of tripod bases, giving your kit a sleek and clean look. Plus it simplifies setup – just lay down your PoleCat base, tighten the tubes into the inserts, and your hardware is setup in precisely the right configuration for your playing preferences.

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