Practice Pads to the Max

By Salman Haqqi Publshed February 22, 2010

Untold numbers of percussion students around the world started practicing rudiments on a Peace practice pad. With an extensive family of educational products, teachers and students have been able to choose from a number of configurations and rebounding surface materials. Different folks – same strokes. Several new products further expand the family. Most notably, the new A14 features an 8” pad made of silica gel that has a digital metronome with LCD display and speaker plus headphone output, all built into the housing. Players can set a tempo from 30 to 248 bpm, and up to nine beats per measure are selectable – as well as six different subdivisions of the beat. The A14 is tabletop ready with rubber shocks on its underside for feet, and it’s also available together with adjustable stand, designated as the TR-8. Additionally, new 6” and 8” rebound mats are available in either rubber or silica gel, rolling up for maximum portability at a minimal outlay. These four new products are also available as traditional, stand-mountable pads in a hard plastic housing. Completing the family, the six-inch pads – with either rubber or silica gel surface – are also offered in a package with adjustable stand. Conversely, eight-inch variants are offered in a package that includes adjustable stand, stick bag, and a pair of sticks.

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