Precision Drum Company

Precision Drum Company

Radim McCue Published September 21, 2009

When Gary Folchi took over the 48-year-old Precision Drum Company from his father, George Folchi Sr., he wanted to carry on the tradition of accommodating requests ranging from the mundane to the bizarre – from nesting kits and wood-hoop drums to a kit for Idris Muhammad that features 30-ply bass and snare shells and 20-ply tom shells.

In addition to building, Precision is also the oldest supplier of custom wraps to the drum industry, and a top-notch repair shop, that can fix products from any company. Folchi says he's always suprised by how some companies cut corners in production. “I know this because of our repair work when customers come to us with a product they’ve gotten elsewhere,” says Folchi. “It’s buyer beware.”

Contact Precision Drum 2012 Route 44, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569, 1-888-512-DRUM.

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