Premier Aviation Series Snare Drums

Premier Aviation Series Snare Drums

If you don’t think Premier’s rapid resurrection is newsworthy, then you haven’t been paying attention. After enjoying relative success in the U.S. throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, the great British drum brand went through a series of ownership changes and false starts that culminated in the company virtually disappearing from the map a few years ago.

So to see Premier back at this year’s NAMM show with a container-load of new product lines gave drummers a reason to feel optimistic. Perhaps the biggest news was that Premier has once again begun building drums in the U.K. with the introduction of The Aviation snare drum series – the first range of drums to be introduced under the British Collection.

Handcrafted with the finest materials and finished in a Georgian English oak with satin oil effect, these snare drums are available in 14” x 5.75”, 14” x 6.25”, and 14” x 7.25” sizes.

The Aviation Series’ chrome-plated steel lugs are precision engineered, and the aerodynamically designed internal washers isolate the fitting from the shell to maximize shell resonance and improve the overall acoustic performance. The company boasts that the three models offer an unrivalled, responsive tone that is crisp and clean with great attack and a fast decay – test the drums at your local drum shop to hear the sound for yourself, and to experience the rebirth of Premier.

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