Pro-Mark Performer Series mallets


By Andrew Lentz Published August 20, 2009

Wielding a pair of Pro-Mark's all-new Performer Series Marching Bass Drum mallets will lend authority to any drum line.

These handsome mallets are made with select American Hickory handles and extra-dense felt heads. The handles are designed with a “Comfort Flare” for a more secure grip, and feature an ‘upward taper’ at the head for exceptional balance and sound projection.

The Performer Series Marching Bass Drum Mallets are also available with puff heads for a more subtle, muted tone when this type of sonic characteristic is required.

Both ‘standard’ felt and puff mallets are available in 5 sizes to accommodate the smallest to the largest bass drums. Prices range from $47.95 to $71.95 per pair.

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