Pro Tambourine from RhythmTech

Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man: I Ain't Sleepy

By Andrew Lentz Published October 14, 2009

Hand and wrist fatigue are well known to percussionists, but not after they start playing with the Pro Tamborine from Rhythm Tech.

The Pro’s comfort-grip handle and improved balance make long stretches of playing a joy. The over-molded GLS playing edge is both lightweight and gets a better response with each wrist snap so you can forget about the instrument and concentrate on the music.

The new stainless steel jingles allow plenty of cut in high-volume situations, while the brass jingle model offers a warm, chunkier sound. This combined with the instrument’s ergonomic controllability deliver a quicksilver shimmer you won’t soon forget.

Available in a choice of colors, and comes with a molded gig case. $59.95.

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