ProMark’s Select Balance Drum Sticks

ProMark's Select Balance Drum Sticks

Say hello to ProMark's Select Balance line of drum sticks. With these new sticks, drummers can choose forward or rebound balance from five diameters to fit any playing style.

In order to create the Select Balance line, ProMark went back to the drawing board and identified the key elements of drum sticks in order of priority: diameter, taper, tip shape, and tip material. Then they took the five most popular diameters and made them the core of the Select Balance line. Because drummers essentially prefer two types of stick balance: forward or rebound, the Select Balance line was designed to give drummers the option of both in five diameters, .535", .550"/.565”, .580”, .595". Now, drummers can find their preferred balance for any playing style.

Select Balanced sticks utilize quarter-sawn hickory for straightest grain, most consistency and durability. The sticks are weight sorted within 1.5 grams for the closest weight matching in the industry, and are also tone sorted within six hertz for the closest tonal pairing industry-wide. The sticks utilize a modified tear drop tip shape for more versatility. All models have wood tips; however, nylon tips will also be added to the line.

Select Balance sticks are available on November 15, 2013 at a MSRP of $15.25 at

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