Protect Your Precious Metals With Cymbags

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 10, 2010

There are two types of drummers. Some leave spilt beer on their shells to dry into a pasty mush, plaster logo stickers haphazardly all over their cases, and never polish their cymbals (me). Others organize spare parts into individual labeled Baggies, alphabetize their method books, and polish their cymbals weekly while wearing white gloves (you?). Well, the world just got a bit brighter for drummers who fall into the latter category, thanks to the invention of the Cymbag — individual sleeves that help keep cymbals clean and shiny by protecting them from fingerprints and dirt during set-up, pack-up, storage, and travel. Patent pending and made from an advanced microfiber material that’s snug, secure, and super-soft yet rugged and durable, Cymbags slip on and off any cymbal while it’s still on the stand and fit perfectly into any hard or soft case, so they never have to be touched by human hands. Available in a full range of popular sizes from 6" to 26".