Protection Racket Makes Setup A Breeze

Protection Racket Maks Easy Setup A Reality

By Radim McCue Published February 26, 2010

Tired of trying to make sure your kit is set up the exact same way each time you gig? Now, Protection Racket has introduced a simple and quick-to-use system which helps you do this time after time. Protection Rackets new drum mat markers require no tools, add no weight to your drum carpet and also allow quick minor adjustments.

The new drum mat markers have a Velcro backing and are numbered for easy memory marking, ensuring the same set-up every time. Each pack includes thirty stand feet markers numbered 1-10 with 3 sets of each, ten corresponding stand markers numbered 1-10 plus one each of the bass drum and h-hat markers.

Protection Rackets 123 set-up system is as straight forward as they come:

  • Set your kit up as you normally would on your mat.
  • Lift the stand legs up and place 3 x circle markers on mat, place corresponding stand marker on stand.
  • Place bass drum & hi-hat markers on bass drum & Hi-hat pedal and now play.
  • You can mark your mat in minutes and once in place will ensure identical kit position and quicker set-up time every time, gig after gig.

    The Mat Markers sets are available worldwide.

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