Protection Racket Tweaks the Nutcase Line

Goin’ Nuts

Based in Cornwall, England, the U.K.'s mecca of surfing and windboarding, Protection Racket started out in 1994 as a manufacturer of high-end surf board slip covers and carrying cases. However, the company soon realized it could apply its technology to serve altogether different group of fanatics: Drummers.

Protection Racket has for a long time offered the entry-level Nutcases line in 5-piece sets Rock and Fusion sizes. From 2010 onward, Protection Racket will offer their Nutcases in a range of sizes to be purchased individually, providing greater choice and flexibility for its customers. So if you've got a four piece kit, or ten piece drum kit, you can tailor your order to the exact sizes you need.

The new range will be available in the following sizes:

* Rack Toms : 8"x8" , 10"x9" , 12"x10" , 13"x11" , 14"x12" , 15"x13" & 16"x14" . All tom cases large enough to accommodate drums fitted with suspension mounting systems.

* 14" & 16" floor toms

* 20", 22" & 24" bass drums — depths can accommodate 16" — 18" bass drum depths.

* 14" x 5" & 14" x 6 snares.

Constructed with outer Racketex — the company's patented ultra-durable waterproof polyester — together with 15mm foam padding. Topped off with ergonomic handles, heavy duty buckles and lightweight design, Nutcases can take plenty of abuse so your drums don't have to.

With the utmost confidence in their superior quality, Protection Racket have extended the warranty on ALL their cases from 12 to 24 months worldwide. For more information, visit their web site at

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