Protection Racket’s Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag

Protection Racket’s Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag

By Andy Doerschuk
Published February 14, 2011

(Left) Steve Barney (drummer with such rock legends as Jeff Beck and Annie Lennox) shows which direction he’s headed while toting his Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag

Face it– the least glamorous part of our job is humping gear into and out of a gig. So any possible way to streamline the process is welcome news to the average working drummer.

Lo and behold – those cheeky British drum case manufacturers Protection Racket are here to help with the new Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag. The upgraded cymbal bag can be carried like a backpack (they call ’em rucksacks in the old country), leaving your hands free to carry the rest of your gear.

Each ergonomic strap is over-stitched with 30mm blinding tape to give it extra strength and filled with 5mm PE foam, making it bendable and comfortable, which is important when you have a load of bronze on your back. The 24” bag now features removable Propile dividers in both outer and inner compartments to separate your precious cargo and is available in a choice of four colors.

All we can say is – cor blimey!

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