Los Cabos Red Oak Timbale Sticks

The Oak That Smokes

The Red Oak Timbale Sticks from Los Cabos are one of the best ways to spice up your percussion rig.

Commonly used in flooring, Red Oak is a renowned for its pleasing density and weight making for a perfect drumstick. The Los Cabos Red Oak timbale sticks are cut smooth, feel great in the hand, and have an aesthetic grain character that'll class up any act. The sticks are harvested from sustainable North American trees.

Los Cabos' Red Oak sticks are extremely durable and well balanced making them the perfect tool for rimshots, accents, and bell work. A great addition to any timbale player's stick bag, the Los Cabos Red Oaks are 16.0” in length and feature a diameter of 0.50”. $14.95.

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