Remo Black Suede Heads Reviewed!

X Factor

The other head Remo sent is the new Black X, an expansion on the company’s line of X-treme heads. The Black X features the same “suede texturing process” as the Black Suede heads and features two plies of textured Ebony 10mil film with a 3mil reverse dot, giving it, as Remo says, “X-treme durability with a unique esthetic look.” The company also promises focused midrange and warmth with plenty of attack. Promises, promises … all kept. Remo really knocks it out of the park with this one.

The Black X offers a good amount of tone to go with all that strength. Bring a baseball bat to the party if you like — with this one, I’d be more concerned about breaking the actual drum before breaking the head. Tighten this puppy down — not too far; that drum ain’t titanium (or is it?) — and pummel away. Easy as One. Two. Three — without the three. This sucker cracks, but not in a tinnitus-causing way. The warmth of it is truly something to behold. Volume-wise, it may not work unmiked for a heavy metal show, but throw a 57 up on it and go to town.


Take off some layers, cause it’s gettin’ warm in here. The Black Suede heads provide a level of warmth and articulation that should un-thaw anyone’s heart. The Emperor heads are a bit warmer and “sweet” sounding. The Powerstroke 3 Black Suede bass drumheads offer a great level of sonic control without having to resort to muffling the shell itself. And lastly, the Black X batter head will allow your inner caveman to do his thing without you having to worry about blowing through heads. In short, you gotta git these, sucka!


Features The Black Suede Powerstroke 3 bass drumhead features one ply of 10mil black textured film with a thin underlay at the outer edge to subtly dampen high frequency overtones and can be used as either a batter or resonant head. The Black Suede Ambassador tom/snare heads feature one ply of textured Ebony 10mil film. The Black Suede Emperor tom/snare heads feature two plies of textured Ebony 7.5mil film. The Emperor-weight Black X snare head is two plies of textured Ebony 10mil film with a 3mil reverse dot. New for 2009 is the Black Suede Snare Side head, featuring 1 ply of textured Ebony 4mil film for focused warmth and enhanced tone control.

Black Suede Snare Side

  • 13" SA-1813-ES $31
  • 14" SA-1814-ES $32

Black X Snare Batter

  • 13" BX-0813-10 $32.75
  • 14" BX-0814-10 $35.75

Multi-purpose Black Suede Drumheads

    (Ambassador) (Emperor)
  • 8" BA-0808-ES BE-0808-ES $27.25
  • 10" BA-0810-ES BE-0810-ES $28
  • 12" BA-0812-ES BE-0812-ES $31
  • 13" BA-0813-ES BE-0813-ES $32
  • 14" BA-0814-ES BE-0814-ES $33.25
  • 15" BA-0815-ES BE-0815-ES $35
  • 16" BA-0816-ES BE-0816-ES $37.50
  • 18" BA-0818-ES BE-0818-ES $45

Powerstroke 3 Black Suede Bass Drumhead

  • 18" P3-1818-ES $72
  • 20" P3-1820-ES $74
  • 22" P3-1822-ES $80.25
  • 24" P3-1824-ES $85.50

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