Remo X14 Snare Batter: Durable & Live

Remo X14 Snare Batter: Durable & Live

It’s an age-old drummers’ conundrum: How to achieve the liveliness of a single-ply head while still enjoying the durability of double-ply? The answer has been fleeting for what seems like a lifetime – until now. Meet the new X14 snare drumhead, the latest addition to Remo’s X Series.

The X14 is constructed with a coated single ply of 14mil polyester film that is 40 percent thicker than a coated Ambassador and 20 percent thicker than an Ambassador X. We’re talking thick.

But the extra-beefy film isn’t simply designed to withstand sustained punishment by heavy-handed players. It also boasts a distinct sonic profile that combines darker midrange tones with greater attack and volume. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

Click here to check out our booth demo of the X14 shot at the 2011 PASIC.

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