Revisited: Rogers’ Prospector Line

Revisited: Rogers' Prospector Line

Striking It Rich

So what if Summer NAMM in Nashville was sparsely attended. It just gave us that much more elbow room in which to gawk at the new and improved Prospector line from Rogers.

Right off the bat we were struck by the four eye-catching new finishes including Oakland Silver, Chicago Blue (pictured), Los Angeles Black, and Portland Red. With 100 percent poplar shells that look this good you need to match it with quality hardware, which Rogers does in spades from the infinitely adjustable snare basket angle to the double-braced stands.

The Prospector is available in two configurations: a jazz-oriented four-piece kit (RD618) that comes with a bass drum–mounted boom cymbal arm — a nifty space-saving feature we really dug — or the more rock-oriented five-piece (RD622) with wider-diameter toms and bass drum. Both configurations include a 14” x 5.5 wood snare. (RD622P1 and RD622P3 models include Paiste 14” hi-hats, 16” crash, and 20” ride.)

Additional highlights include an improved tom mount and proprietary drum throne, newly redesigned bass pedal for improved beater actuation and foot grip, and Spider Foot rubber on the ends of the bass drum spikes and floor tom legs for improved resonance.

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