Vater’s Eternal Black Series Sticks

Rewind: A Look At Vater's Eternal Black Series Sticks

Vater Eternal Black Drumsticks

Starting with Remo’s Black Suede heads and Zildjan’s black cymbals, black has become the color of choice for all manner of drum gear. Vater now has produced the Eternal Black Series sticks, with a half dozen models finished in black stain. These include Vater’s popular 5A, 5B, and Power 5B as well as three brand new designs: Warrior, Punisher and Destroyer. All Eternal Black Series models come in both wood and nylon tip.

According to Vater the Eternal 5A is a balanced stick, heavier toward the tip for fast attack and response. The Black 5B is a balanced stick with an acorn tip. There is also an External Black Power 5B which is an extra half-inch in length. The Warrior is slightly heavier than a 5A with a more pronounced taper and rounded barrel tip. For more weight and volume the Eternal Black Punisher is slightly bigger, designed for solid rim shots and full tones. The Eternal Black Destroyer is designed with extra length and should appeal to the heaviest players.

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