Rhythm Tech Stickball Shakes Things Up

Red, Round, and Rad

For some time now drummers have been trying to incorporate the sound of a shaker into their kit. Many players have tried to hold small shaker-type globes or other handheld percussion instruments while holding a drumstick, or even using tape to attach them or other shakers onto a stick. While these attempts had some success, there were obvious and clumsy drawbacks to these solutions.

To solve this problem and give players an easy and solid solution, Rhythm Tech has teamed up with NYC session great and educator Billy Ward to develop the Stickball, a great percussive shaker / effect that easily slips on and off any drum stick.

The Stickball offers a classic dry shaker sound that minimizes the weight / feel changes of putting a shaker on a drumstick. It slides on and off the stick and holds securely without the use of a wing nut or other tightening mechanism.

Now you can get the percussive effect of a maraca or your favorite shaker with every swing of the drumstick, and never miss a beat

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