Rich Faulkner’s Superstars: Cherry In Every Way

Rich Faulkner’s Tama Superstar Kit

All you gear-hungry drum fanatics out there should pay attention to Rich Faulkner's undeniable wisdom. His credo is simple: Take care of your gear and it will serve you for many, many years. Take his Drum Kit Of The Week, for example. Purchased in 1984, this red hot Tama has birch shells with a Natural Wood Cherry Wine stain finish. Despite the 26 years of wear and tear, Faulkner has managed to keep his set looking brand spankin’ new. What a guy.

"It's a great rock kit with big deep toms," Faulkner gushed.

Drums: Tama & Pearl
12" x 11" tom
13" x 12" tom
14" x 13" tom
16" x 16" floor tom
18" x 12" bass drum
Pearl Ian Paice Signature steel snare

Tama Iron Cobra pedals
Roc & Soc Throne
Gibraltar Rack

P.S. We spotted a bunch of Zildjian cymbals in the photo, too, but Rich didn’t give us the specs. Oh well ...

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