Rimshot Locs Keep Your Drums In Tune

Rimshot Locs Keep Your Drums In Tune

Rimshot Locs

It’s a fact of life – tension rods gradually loosen as you play a drum over time. The harder you play, the faster they back out of the lugs. Of course, the worst culprit is the snare drum, which is the most frequent target for jarring rimshots.

As a consequence, I tweak the tension rods on my snare several times throughout the course of a gig, and at least once or twice on my toms. While I’m used to this necessity, and now do it almost unconsciously, it’s still a nuisance, which is why Rimshot Locs look like a pretty good idea.

They’re ingeniously simple devices. Each little chromed brass and stainless steel sheathe threads onto a tension rod so that it fits between the counterhoop and lug. Once the rods are tuned to your preference, Rimshot Locs tighten up like a nut onto a bolt, locking the tension rod in place. And as you can see, they’re virtually invisible to the eye.

Rimshot Locs are available in packs of six ($17.99), eight ($23.99), and ($31.99). Interested? Go here for more information.

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