Rock Ballad Drum Loops Aid Songwriters

Rock Ballad Loops Aid Songwriting

Rock Ballad Loops

E-drummers and instrumentalists who are composing know that a power ballad is nothing without big fat drum grooves. That’s where Drum Werks XXVI: Rock Ballads comes in . Drum Werks XXVI is a set of 100% acoustic live drums played by one of LA’s top on-call session players. It’s designed to create a powerful toolbox of drum tracks that evoke the emotional side of ballad songwriting but with a big, live rock sound.

This versatile collection of grooves ranges from 40 bpm to 100 bpm, and is aimed at people inspired by classic or softer rock sounds from bands such as The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Kansas, and others. It also includes a complete matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set of all the drums used to record the drum tracks. Programmers can use these to develop new virtual instruments or original sequenced parts. Drum Werks are available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV and APPLE LOOPS formats. According to the company, the REX2 format will be available soon.


  • 40 BPM 27 Grooves + 32 Fills
  • 50 BPM 65 Grooves + 33 Fills
  • 60 BPM 29 Grooves + 17 Fills
  • 75 BPM 52 Grooves + 16 Fills
  • 100 BPM 41 Grooves + 22 Fills
  • Multi-Velocity Samples 192 Drum, Cymbal Samples
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