Rock Steady Introduces A Kit To Draw On

Rock Steady Introduces A Kit To Draw On

On first glance you may think, “Well, that’s an attractive set of white drums with Red Sparkle hoop inlays and a snare drum that inverts the color scheme. Nice, but not groundbreaking.”

You might change your tune, though, after studying the second photo below, which unveils the radical concept behind the design. That plain looking white finish is actually a dry erase surface, just like you see on walls of conference rooms around the world. Think of it. It’s an endlessly customizable finish.

Rock Steady Drums & Company can take credit for this playful design. Based in Connecticut, this custom shop specializes in building snare drums and kits, as well as breathing life into tired old tubs with their rewrapping services.

So they really wanted to do something different when they were asked to provide a backline kit for The Bamboozle Break Contest. The competition pits groups from the Northeast against each other in a traditional battle of the bands, with the winners scoring a heap of prizes and the opportunity to appear at the Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey (headliners this year include Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, and Blink-182 — so they’d be in excellent company).

Sounds like an amazing opportunity for Rock Steady — but why a dry erase kit? Simple. “Because it’s never been done before,” the company told us. “We thought it was a fun, original idea and something that the Break artists would feel elite playing on – and drawing on.”

Makes sense to us. The maple-shell kit with wood hoops and claw hooks is comprised of a 14" x 6" 10-ply snare, 10" x 7" and 12" x 9" 8-ply toms, a 16" x 16" 8-ply floor tom, and a 20" x 20" 8-ply bass drum. We were surprised to learn that the dry-erase finished is painted onto the shell rather than a wrap.

If I owned that kit, I would write my set list on the bass drum shell at every gig. What would you do?

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