Roland TD-12KX Electronic Kit

A Real World E-Kit

With the TD-12KX, Roland has not only added the latest addition to its V-Stage family of V-Drums kits, it’s moving beyond the confines of the bedroom and targeting those drummers who will actually subject it to the rigors of performing live and in the studio.

Demonstrating that e-kits rock every bit as hard as acoustic ones, the TD-12KX builds on the feature set of the TD-12SV kit, adding a larger kick, floor tom pad, and a new stand with improved pad mounts and durability.

Natch, the TD-12KX sports mesh heads for the kick, snare and tom pads providing excellent sensitivity and response. To enhance playability, the TD-12KX includes a larger 12" KD-120 V-Kick Trigger Pad for the bass drum and a 10" PD-105 floor tom pad for the floor tom. The TD-12KX also comes equipped with a VH-11 V-Hi-Hat and three 12” CY-12R/C V-Cymbals.

The brain of this newest V-Drums kit — the TD-12 Percussion Sound Module — features the same COSM® sound engine as the popular TD-20 for staggering sonic flexibility. The V-Edit function allows you to adjust parameters, such as shell material, head type and cymbal size with a simple icon-based graphic interface.

The TD-12 also offers many useful functions for drum practice, including onboard music patterns, a sequencer, a programmable click, and a mix input jack for connecting MP3 or CD players.

And last but not least of the considerations for working musicians, the TD-12KX offers easy setup and the increased stability of its MDS-12X stand. Its lower weight center provides more stability and playability. Additionally, newly improved cymbal and tom mounts include ball clamps for flexible and easy set-up and positioning. $5,399.

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