Roland Unveils The SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Roland Unveils The SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Roland SPD-SX

It seems like only yesterday when Roland set the percussion world on its ear with the introduction of the groundbreaking Octapad. Well, in fact, it was a skosh over 25 years ago (but who’s counting?), and yet the company has never stopped fine-tuning its concept right up to the present day with the recent introduction of the new SPD-SX sampling pad.

The latest incarnation of this versatile multi pad takes many of the proven concepts from its predecessor and raises them to a new level. Roland engineers expanded the pad’s USB connectivity to now include USB MIDI, audio, storage, and memory, while bumping up the unit’s internal memory to 2 GB, enabling approximately 360 minutes of mono sampling without requiring external memory.

They’ve also redesigned the velocity sensitive pads, which include new companion LED lights that illuminate to show the pad’s status. When you trigger sample phrases, the LEDs remain lit to show you which pads are in play and which are not. In addition, the LEDs change illumination strength according to audio-level activity (similar to level meters on a mixing board). Pretty intuitive, huh?

Finally, the SPD-SX increases the number of multi-effects engines from one to three – one master unit and two units that are assignable per kit – and now includes separate output and volume for the internal click.

So if you’ve been sitting on your hands until Roland perfects its venerable multi pad, we have good news – your wait is over!

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