Roland’s TM-2 Powers Hybrid Drummers

Roland's TM-2 Powers Acoustic-Electric Options

ICompact and Affordable Sound Module for Hybrid Acoustic/Electronic Percussion

Roland TM-2

Los Angeles, CA, January 15, 2014 — Acoustic-electronic hybrid drummers got a boost today as Roland introduced its Roland TM-2 Trigger Module, a new electronic percussion module with high-quality onboard sounds, user sound expansion via SCHD cards, and two trigger inputs for a variety of Roland pads and drum triggers. Battery powered and compact, the TM-2 provides a simple, affordable solution for drummers that want to create a hybrid kit that brings acoustic and electronic elements together.

The TM-2 is easy to integrate with any acoustic drum set, mounting quickly and unobtrusively onto a hi-hat stand or drum rack using standard hardware. It’s battery-powered and features an intuitive panel for assigning sounds and saving kits, plus large, easy-to-press buttons for calling up kits while performing.

Built-in trigger inputs allow players to connect two pads or trigger devices at once. Nearly any pad in Roland’s extensive V-Drums lineup can be used, including those that support dual triggering. Ideal options for a hybrid application include the BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad and KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal. The TM-2 is also is designed to work with Roland’s RT-series acoustic drum triggers that mount on kick, snare, and tom drums.

The TM-2 includes more than 100 ready-to-play professional sounds, with an emphasis on sounds and tonal elements optimized for layering with acoustic drums, making it easy for players to achieve polished, high-impact sounds when playing live through a P.A. system.

Additional features include:

  • Electronic sounds for modern styles
  • Traditional percussion instrument sounds such as cowbell or woodblock
  • SDHC slot to store and trigger WAV sounds, loops and backing tracks
  • Ability to mix WAV with internal sounds for custom kits
  • Multi-effects engine for rever, delay, flanger, etc.
  • MIDI I/O to connect to computer and trigger V-drums

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