Sabian B8 Pro Line Sees Key Upgrades

By Andy Doerschuk Published October 13, 2010

Twenty years ago Sabian’s B8 Pro line knocked proverbial socks off beginning drummers who were poised to graduate to their first set of bronze cymbals. Unlike other budget priced models of the day, the B8 Pro both looked and sounded like something more than a student line, with its bright tone, brilliant finish, variety of weights, and wide range of models to choose from. So now Sabian has upped the ante by introducing a couple key design tweaks with a new, larger hammering pattern and subtle change to the bell. “Hey,” you might be tempted to ask, “why fix it if it ain’t broken?” Easy. Over the course of the past two decades, the mighty Canadian cymbalsmith has learned a thing or two during the innovations of the HHX and Artisan series, and applied them to the existing B8 Pro formula, resulting in a richer, more complex tone that belies its diminutive price tag. The result? Good got better. Better get good!