Sabian Expands The Xs20 Line

Sabian Expands The Xs20 Line

Sabian realized it had a tiger by the tail when it introduced the Xs20 cymbal line in 2003. Made of cast B20 bronze at prices normally reserved for sheet-bronze cymbals, the Xs20 line quickly found a home among drummers looking for pro sounds at reasonable prices.

We just learned that the revered Canadian cymbalsmith will introduce three new models to the popular line at next month’s Summer NAMM Show in Nashville. Needless to say, we look forward to laying a stick into the trio, which includes the extra-thin dB Control Crash, a bright sounding cymbal that speaks at a lower decibel and decays quickly. A new pair of 14" hats will also be unveiled featuring the company’s wavy Air-Wave bottom cymbal design, which creates a clear and crispy response by eliminating air lock. And a new 21" Medium ride (pictured above), which the company envisions to be a “bread-and-butter” ride for most musical applications, rounds out the new lineup.

All Xs20 cymbals are available in natural or brilliant finishes, and are covered by the company’s two-year warranty.

Summer NAMM, here we come.

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