Sabian Fusion Hats Now In HHX

Fusion Hats Get Modern And Dark

By Andrew Lentz Published June 15, 2010

Fusion Hats, one of Sabian’s most popular cymbal innovations, are now available in the company’s Modern Dark series, HHX. Featuring a medium top and a heavy, un-lathed, hand-hammered bottom — hence the name fusion.

These hats deliver high-definition sticking, crisp, clear pedal ‘chick’, and cutting volume in both closed and open positions. Though the name might suggest they’re designed for playing fusion-style music, these hats are ideal for any number of genres from rock, pop, punk, gospel or funk.

Said Sabian product specialist Mark Love, “With an HHX top, these Fusion Hats combine the hot darkness of HHX with the dark but defined cut of the heavy HH bottom, for a crisp blend of tonal darkness. The innovative ‘Tone Projection’ design of HHX also means these hats project their dark tonality, so drummers wanting darkness in high-volume situation can be heard without excessively hard playing.”

Fast Facts

Metal: B20 SABIAN Bronze

Weight: Medium Top/Heavy Bottom

Finish: Natural or Brilliant

Hammering: Jumbo-Peen (top), hand hammered (bottom)

Lathing: Top: Pinpoint

Bottom: Raw, unlathed

Warranty: Two Years

Sizes: 13” - 14”

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