Sabian Goes Dark With HHX Omni

Sabian’s New Jojo Mayer Omni HHX Goes Dark

HHX Omni

When the Omni AAX was released, i aimed for new levels of sonic contrast and versatility within one cymbal. Now Jojo Mayer and Sabian are back with the HHX Omni, which take those original Omni sonic properties in a darker direction.

“I’m really more of a hand-hammered guy − I’m a fan of dark cymbals” comments Jojo Mayer. “The AAX Omni is a bright cymbal, and so I felt the need to have a version of that which caters more to my natural preference. However, because this is such a complex cymbal to produce, we began the R&D process with the AAX Omni, and once we had perfected that, applied the knowledge to the more intricate HHX hammered version.”

According to Sabian, the new dark Omni offers a couple of new dimensions. First, it provides more nuanced tone on the ride surface. This means the stick sound stays a safe distance from the body, refusing to get swallowed up no matter how loudly it’s played.

Second, it adds the dimension of playing with the shoulder, which not only has a wonderful texture, but also excites more of the cymbal’s body without activating the crash. These properties are unique to the HHX version, and are a direct result of the HHX hammering.

“This cymbal really embodies the vision I had all along for a dark Omni,” says Mayer. “I can see playing it in any setting, from an acoustic jazz gig because it is so controllable, to a loud rock gig because of its stellar crash ride properties.”

The Omni HHX is made of B20 bronze with a natural finish, a jumbo hammering pattern and pinpoint lathing. It is medium weight in the center with an extra thin edge. For more information visit

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