Sabian Launches 2014 Cymbal Vote Models

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves begin to change color, night falls a bit earlier, and Sabian unveils its latest crop of Cymbal Vote cymbals.

The Cymbal Vote concept is simple: a dozen tantalizing new cymbal models are developed by the Sabian Vault team so that drummers around the world can vote daily for their favorites − until a final four are left standing. Those models will be released by the company in 2014.

We already got the chance to check out the latest line-up of weird and wonderful models at last month’s DRUM! Night festival. And you can too, now that Sabian has shipped multiple sets of 12 new cymbal models to the finest drum shops around the world, allowing drummers to play before they vote.

For those who can’t get out to play the cymbals, the Cymbal Vote website features high-energy video of Sabian artists playing and discussing the 12 cymbals. Top players like Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith, and Todd Sucherman will take the cymbals for a test-drive, and make their opinions heard loud and clear!

For a complete listing of Cymbal Vote events worldwide, and descriptions and video of all 12 new cymbal models, please visit In the meantime, here’s a slideshow of all the 2014 models.

10" HHX Attack Splash

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