Sabian Paragon Cymbals Get Brilliant Finish

Bright Idea

Originally available in Natural Finish only, Sabian's Paragon was designed by the Sabian Vault Team in collaboration with legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart. Now you've got a classic Sabian line in two great looks.

Said Peart: “I have always found that brand-new cymbals have a certain ‘tightness’ in their physical response and their sound, and it took a few shows to play them in. Then they would loosen up and start to ‘dance’ on their stands, and the swell of sound from the attack to decay would become smooth and open. When I described that quality to the dedicated cymbal-makers at Sabian, they took it as a kind of challenge: How can we build that ‘played-in’ quality into the cymbals?”

Available in 8", 10" splash, 13", 14" hats, 16", 18" and 20" crash, 20" chinese, 20" diamondback Chinese, 22" ride and four different packs, the Paragon line has enough sonic variet for any musical context or large setup.

“Creating a ‘played-in’ feel and sound is a challenge," added Sabian's Mark Love. "But Paragon Brilliant responds with that looser feel and sound Neil wanted. And the brilliant look really enhances the cymbals under the stage lights. Paragon Brilliant is somewhat of a remastering of the Paragon concept, and is something Neil is very happy with.”

The complete range of Paragon models, from the 8" Splash up to the 22" Ride, are available in Brilliant or Natural Finish. Handcrafted from Sabian B20 bronze, all Paragon cymbals are quality protected by the Sabian two-year Warranty. There is no additional charge for Brilliant Finish.

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