Sabian Stick Flip Pulls Double Duty

Sabian Stick Flip Plays Dual Role: Stickbag And Holder

Sabian Stick Flip

Stickbags, holders, and stands all have their place. Now, Sabian has combined them in the new Stick Flip. The Stick Flip is a stickbag that stands up to function as a holder while you're playing. It starts out as a drumstick bag, that you unzip and flip, and it becomes a drumstick holder!

The Stick Flip morphs from drumstick bag to drumstick holder using a proprietary Flip design. The transformation is quick and easy with no snaps or special connections required. During a gig, the Stick Flip sits next to the drummer, putting spare sticks within arm’s reach. When the gig is over, the Stick Flip easily folds back into a stick bag and is ready for the next show.

This new design removes the stick bag from the floor tom freeing it to fully resonate. It is available in two color options and is available at top retail stores worldwide. Learn more at

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