Sabian Xs20 Now Available In Brilliant Finish

What A Brilliant Idea!

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 24, 2009

Don’t judge a cymbal simply by its pretty face.

Brilliant cymbal finishes might look snazzy under stage lights, but they also contribute to a smoother, glassier sound — and who doesn’t want that? So when the Canadian bronze bombshell Sabian announced that its Xs20 cymbal line will now be available in a Brilliant finish, the rest of us nodded knowingly.

Originally introduced in 2003 with only a Natural finish, the Xs20 line offered a tempting proposition: quality cymbals in premium B20 bronze — the same as AA and AAX lines — at a very accessible mid-price point, making them ideal for the serious student and budget-conscious semi-pro player. Line lathed on top and bottom, with bright sounds designed to cut through in most musical styles, Xs20s employ many of the techniques used in the creation of AA and AAX cymbals, such as high pressure, a proprietary shaping process, and hand lathing.

Protected by the company’s Two-Year Warranty, this series is available in a complete range of models, including Rock weights for heavier players. A “Sonically Matched” Performance Set (14" hi-hats, 16" crash, 20" ride) and an Effects Pack (10" splash, 18" Chinese) are also available in both Natural Finish and Brilliant Finish.

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