Sam Loeffler of Chevelle: Video Kit Tour

Sam Loeffler of Chevelle: Video Kit Tour

Following up their Billboard Top 10 album, Hats Off To The Bull, Chicago alternative rock trio Chevelle is back with their seventh album La Gárgola, a "sonic reinvention" of sorts.

"This is a little more alternative," says drummer Sam Loeffler. "It's still us, but it stands out."

Sam was nice enough to give us a tour of his current kit with Chevelle, plus a couple of tips on touring.

Drums Pearl Reference Pure in Black Cherry
22" x18" Kick
12" x 8" Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
13" x 6.5" Reference Snare in Piano Black and Silver Sparkle

Cymbals Zildjian
18", 19" and 20" A Custom Crash
20" A Custom Ride
14" Hats
10" Splash
18" China (Various Zildjian)
14" Custom EFX with 8" Trashformer on Top

Aquarian Superkick II Kick Head
Remo Snare and Tom Heads

Accessories Pearl
Heavy Cowbell

Hardware Pearl
Powershifter Eliminator Double Pedal

Sam also uses a sampler with 2"-10" pads with various 808 sounds and snare sounds, as well as some Star Wars and Caddyshack references.

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