Sampling History With Sonic Reality’s Epik Drums

Reliving The Legends

By Andrew Lentz Published October 29, 2009

Epik Drums’ Ken Scott Collection from Sonic Reality electrifies your mix with the beats that made history — it’s like time-traveling back into rock and roll drumming’s greatest moments.

Dive into an 80-gig 24-bit treasure trove of the actual drum sounds made by Bill Cobham, Bob Siebenberg, Terry Bozzio, Woody Woodmansey and Rod Morgenstein.

These flexible mix-n-match kits are compatible with other Drum Master series and are MIDI mapped in GM, iMap™, V-Drum™, Performance and Custom modes with midi learn for the ability to play from a keyboard or any electronic drum kit.

Snap to the tempo of your host while providing full discrete mic mixing capability between directs, overheads, room and more. Package also comes with the Infinite Player powered by Kontakt for compatibility as a plug-in for every major DAW as well as stand-alone for the Mac and PC. $749 MSRP ($599 street).

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