SBr Series from Sabian

Rethinking Brass Cymbals

By Andrew Lentz Published October28, 2009

A brass cymbal never sounded quite as good as Sabian’s SBr, a new series designed for the budget-minded drummer who refuses to sacrifice quality.

Produced from a special-formula brass alloy at the company’s Canadian plant, the SBr possesses the deep, jumbo-peen hammering and pinpoint lathing seen on pricier, pro-level pies. The SBr is available exclusively in Natural Finish.

According to Sabian’s Mark Love, “Despite its budget price, this series has been designed as a value-added cymbal that sets a new standard for quality at this price point in the brass category.”

The SBr series includes hi-hats, splashes, crashes, and rides. Also available are ‘Sonically Matched’ pre-packs including the Performance Set (14" hi-hats, 16" crash, 20" ride), the First Pack (13" hi-hats, 16" crash), and the 2-Pack (14" hi-hats, 18" crash ride).

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