Scymtek Goes Wholly Customizable With Jingles


Scymtek Cymbals has introduced a new Jingle feature to its line of vented cymbals. New Jingle feature jingles that can be removed so each drummer can customize the cymbal to their individual taste. The drill hole sizes are compatible with standard cymbal rivets so drummers can also use combinations of both jingles and rivets or nothing at all. Sizes offered are 16" 17" 18" and 19".

  • Retail: $240 – $300

Scymtek Cymbals has jumped on the effect cymbals bandwagon with an intriguing new customizable setup. The company is now offering Jingle crashes within their Vented Series. The jingles are easily customizable since hole sizes for the jingles are compatible with standard cymbal rivets, which enables drummers to use any combination of jingles or rives ton each cymbal, or nothing at all.

The vented cymbals are offered are 16″, 17″, 18″, and 19″, and list prices range from $240 to $300.

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