Serge’s Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Kit

Serge Kieffer's Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Kit

By Salman Haqqi
Published November 1, 2010

Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Kit

With this signature Gretsch set, Serge Kieffer is clearly going for that distinct Vinnie Colaiuta look and sound. The kit features the company’s legendary formula maple shells finished in White Wash High Gloss Lacquer — just like Mr. C’s. All lugs, brackets, and die-cast hoops are in a classy black chrome plated finish that contrasts nicely with the shell color. Bass drums feature black wood hoops and heavy duty telescopic spurs. Mounted toms include tom brackets and the GTS suspension system. Floor toms are fitted with brackets and legs.

Drums: Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Signature set
14" New Classic snare
10" mounted tom
12" mounted tom
14" floor tom
16" floor tom

Cymbals: Sabian & Zildjian

Microphones: Shure, Audix, Octavia, and AKG

Okay Serge, you did a great job of duplicating Vinnie’s kit. Now let’s hear you play “Mo ’N Herb's Vacation.”

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