Shane Roney’s Pearl VSX Vision: Sight For Sore Eyes

Shane Roney’s Pearl VSX Vision

Western Ohio was blessed with the sound of this Pearl VSX Vision last summer when Shane Roney bought it specifically for gigs in the area. Reluctant to use his Gretsch Catalina Maples on a regular basis, The Will Freed Band drummer got a smokin’ deal on the kit, which he thinks is a mix of drum and parts by either Pearl or the retailer, since this configuration isn’t offered in the VSX line.

“Tuned correctly, these beauties sound every bit as good as my maple kit,” he said. “The cool strata black wrap looks amazing and compliments our ’60s/’70s folk rock song list.”

Drums: Pearl VSX Vision in Strata Black
10" x 8" tom
14" x 14" floor tom
16" x 16" floor tom
20" x 16" bass drum
12" x 9" tom (not in use)
14" x 5" Yamaha Dave Weckl Snare (1990) with Russ Miller Groove Wedge
12" x 4" LP Drumset Timbale

15"/16"/17" Zildjian A Custom Crashes
20 Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Ride
20 Zildjian A Custom Sizzle Ride
14 Sabian HHX Stage Hats
6 Wuhan Splash
6 Zildjian A Splash

LP Cyclops Tambourine
Pearl Large Ash Tone Block
Pearl El Negro Cowbell (#4)

Remo Fiberskin Diplomats Batter/Ambassador Resonant on toms
Evans Genera HD/snare Side Ambassador on snare
Evans Emad on bass drum batter

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